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New York’s Spirits Consumers Deserve Convenience

Direct Shipping of Spirits Achieves this AND Helps Support New York Businesses!

Are you a New York State resident who found a silver lining in the pandemic in the form of all your favorite beverage alcohol being able to be shipped directly to you, or someone who would like to order now?

All of New York’s craft beverage producers were temporarily authorized to ship their products to consumers in New York state during the pandemic – something the wine industry has done safely since the 1980s.

That temporary privilege has expired, and the industry NEEDS YOUR HELP to enact legislation that will let us ship directly once again – and permanently this time!

WE WANT YOU to enjoy the convenience and safety of online shopping for distilled spirits, just like you enjoy that convenience with so many other products. Direct shipping also expands your access to the full range of our products. Not even the largest retailers can stock the full range of products produced by Empire State distilleries, cideries, breweries and wineries.

Please send a customized, personal email to your state legislators. It will only take two minutes and those officials have told us they need to hear from YOU!

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